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This report was prepared by a team of World Bank staff and consultants led by David Michaud and comprised of Stjepan Gabrić, Kirsten Hommann, and Anastasia Shegay. Supporting data and analysis were prepared by Michael Klien, Maria Salvetti, and Petra Sauer. The data consolidation and validation were led by Nikolaus Clemenz with the support of Katharina Baumgartner, Angelika Heider, Christoph Leitner, and Eva Staribacher. The report was edited by Diane Stamm and formatted by Miodrag Veselinović. Angelika Heider provided overall coordination support. The authors welcome comments and can be contacted through Patricia Lopez ( 

The corresponding Country Notes were prepared under the direction of Maria Salvetti, with the support and data collected by the following individuals and institutions: Semira Kasimati (Albania), ÖVGW (Austria), Selim Babić and Nebojša Budović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ivaylo Kolev (Bulgaria), Miroslav Steinbauer (Croatia), Miroslav Klos (the Czech Republic and Slovakia), REKK (Hungary), Ramiz Kokollari (Kosovo), Georgi Hristov (FYR Macedonia), Evghenii Caraus (Moldova), Dragan Cvetković (Montenegro), ARA (Romania), Ninoslav Petrović (Serbia), Primož Banovec (Slovenia), and MDI (Ukraine). Specific country credits are included in the corresponding Country Notes.

The team would like to thank, in particular, reviewers Caroline van den Berg, Manuel Mariño, Diego Rodriguez, Dominick de Waal, and Philip Weller, as well as Anna Bjerde, Anna Cestari, Stéphane Dahan, Alexander Danilenko, Sumila Gulyani, Michael Jacobsen, Ivaylo Kolev, Igor Palandžić, Christoph Prandstetten, Paula Restrepo, Jennifer Sara, Steven Schonberger, Vladimir Taušanović, Dina Umali-Deininger, Violeta Wolff, and the staff and management of the Albanian Regulatory Authority of the Water Supply and Waste Water Disposal and Treatment Sector, Aquasan Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulatory Commission the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority, the Kosovo Water and Wastewater Regulatory Office, the Romanian Regulatory Authority for Local Public Services, the Slovak Regulatory Office for Network Industries, the Ukrainian National Commission for State Energy and Public Utilities Regulation and many other individuals  and institutions throughout the region for their helpful support, comments, and feedback throughout the conception and realization of this study and the supporting Country Notes. 

This report is a product of the World Bank under the Danube Water Program ( financed by the Austrian Government. Its contribution is gratefully acknowledged. 

This regional report is complemented by 16 country notes describing in greater details the state of the sector in each of the countries covered in the State of the Sector review. All material is available electronically under Further resources on water and wastewater services, utilities, and policies in the Danube Region are available at